Evac Evolution ballast water management systems

for superyachts

Space saving systems for superyachts

Whether you are installing a ballast water management system (BWMS) in a newbuild or retrofit application, space availability will be a major consideration. Having supplied systems for superyachts around the world, we understand how to overcome these challenges and can design a system that economizes on space.

The Evac Evolution BWMS Mini-Series (34m3/h to 135m3/h) have been specifically designed for superyachts and are available in skid-mounted or modular forms to provide effective and versatile solutions to your requirements, however challenging the application.

Key features

  • Based on filtration and UV technology – completely chemical free.
  • Attained IMO G8 and U.S Coast Guard Type Approval.
  • Available skid mounted or in modular form for flexible installation.
  • Compact UV reactor and back flushing filter unit.
  • Highly accurate UV dosage – economizing on power and lamp life.
  • Experience of working to the high standards of finish required by the yachting industry.

Skid-mounted systems for newbuild superyachts

Our skid-mounted systems simplify installation and economize on space in newbuild applications. The footprint of the smallest system (34m3/h) is just 931mm x 1,585mm, whilst the 135m3/h model measures 1,076mm x 1,925mm incorporating compact UV reactors and backflushing filter units.

The control panel has easy to read schematics enabling engineers to see how the system is performing and provides the depth of information necessary to maintain the Ballast Water Record Book, a requirement of IMO and U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

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Modular systems for superyacht retrofits

The majority of Evac Evolution systems for retrofit applications are supplied in modular form as this provides maximum flexibility for utilising available space within the engine room. In addition, the modular components can be more easily handled in areas where access is limited.

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As an ‘in-line’ system, the Evac Evolution allows for components to be arranged in many different configurations. With their extensive background of practical experience, our designers and engineers will advise on the most effective and space saving arrangement.

HEM – your BWMS service centre at the heart of the Mediterranean

Evac Evolution manufacturing and design facilities in the UK are complemented by the HEM (Hydro Electrique Marine) Service Centre based at Antibes (South of France) and Echo Marine Service (Mallorca), enabling installation teams to be easily deployed throughout the Mediterranean.

With this background of experience and a clear understanding of the quality standards and levels of ‘finish’ that appertain in the yachting sector, they are in a unique position to offer advice and technical support ensuring that Evac Evolution BWMS installations proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Over a period of more than 30 years, HEM have built an outstanding reputation for the development of water treatment systems, reflecting their commitment to quality engineering and service in the yachting sector.